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One of our advertisers has been in a coma since early Sunday

Apparently, one of our advertisers here at Stampede Blue didn't get Sunday night's memo:

This ad is popping up still on several Stampede Blue posts.


Someone might want to inform the folks over at SodaHead that New England kinda lost the game last Sunday. So, a poll asking if they are the best team of all time is a bit... well, a bit silly.

Now, that said, permit me to do my best Mike Florio:

Head to SodaHead where you can create public opinion polls, share knowledge, and express opinions in a dynamic social community! It's a great site with lots of cool features. You should go to SodaHead and give them your opinion on whether the 2007 New England Patriots are the greatest team of all time. Again, that's

Oh, and buy a Sprint phone, even though Sprint sucks harder than Richard Seymour in the clutch.