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Ed Reed wishes he were Peyton Manning

Everyone in Baltimore just died.

Yes, that is Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, during practice for the 2008 AFC Pro Bowl, wearing Peyton Manning's helmet. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, the sight of Reed wearing a Colts helmet caused massive coronaries in Ravens country. Reed donning the helmet got several laughs from the gents, including Peyton who ribbed Ed a bit how the helmet looked on his head ("Vision's good out of that thing, isn't it?").

Let it be known that Ed Reed's head was too small for Peyton's helmet, further proof that Peyton's massive brain is expanding beyond the boundaries of what we know as a normal sized cranium.

Say what you want about the Pro Bowl: I think it's cool. The game itself is often dull, and as fans we're more concerned with our guys getting through the game healthy than in the final score. However, as with all All-Star games, the lead-up to the game is fun and entertaining. It's also nice to see guys like Peyton and Ed acting, you know, human.