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Big Ed gets paid, Tripp gets cut

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A big reason Booger McFarland was released the other day is Ed Johnson, the undrafted rookie who replaced McFarland last year at DT when Booger went down in pre-season.  To insure that depth at DT is not a priority this off-season as it was last off-season, the Colts re-signed Ed Johnson to a one-year, $370,000 deal. After 2008, Ed will be a free agent, and it is likely the Colts will try and sign him longterm.

Ed Johnson anchored a very stout Colts run defense in 2007, and has shown improvement rushing the passer from the DT position.  

In other league news, former-Colt Larry Tripplett is now a former Buffalo Bill. The Bills released Tripp yesterday two years after he cashed in on free agency. Tripplett did little in Buffalo to help their run defense, but run defense was never Tripp's strength. In his final year as a Colt, Tripp developed into a strong back-up DT who could rush the passer. A possible return to Indy is doable for Tripp, but at the right price of course.