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BREAKING! BREAKING! BREAKING! Free agent will actually visit the Colts

Words do not give justice to my excitement. I'm so jittery, I''m havngg trubel typign riight noww..

There, that's better. Ah, sweet, sweet mescilin.

So, what was I blogging about? OH YES! An actual, living, breathing, flesh-and-blood. NFL free agent will visit the Colts this weekend. Raiders DE Tyler Brayton is scheduled to meet with the Colts this weekend after a scheduled visit to Carolina, according to Rotoworld. Brayton is 6'6 and 288. I'm not sure why Polian is bringing in a player like Drayton, who seems more a run-stuffing DT than a pass rushing DE, but whatever.


I think this is way bigger than Bernard Berrian signing with the Vikings. Way bigger. I mean, Brayton was the dude who kneed former-Seahawks TE Jerramy Stevens in the nut sack. That alone should get Brayton a nice signing bonus from someone.