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Yet another Colts player signs with the Titans

It's an annual right of passage now: Yet another Colts free agent signs with the Tennessee Titans. Guard Jake Scott has signed a deal with the Titans for $5 million per season. I railed against Jake after the 2005 season. He played awful in the playoffs against the Steelers that year, costing Indy a potential Super Bowl. He bounced back in 2006 and played great, and last year he showed tremendous versatility playing guard and (of all positions) left tackle right tackle. When Tony Ugoh got hurt, Jake Scott stepped in and protected Peyton's blind side fairly well. Jake is a solid guard, and even though $5 mill a year is way too much for his talents, Jake is a good player and will help Tennessee's line.

Scott is the fifth Colt in three years to sign with the Titans. Gilbert Gardner, Corey Simon, Nick Harper, and Ben Hartstock all signed with Tennessee after leaving the Colts. Tip to pukcat for blogging about it i the diaries.

Update [2008-3-11 9:56:33 by BigBlueShoe]: I forgot to add David Thornton to the list of ex-Colts-turned-Titans.