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Who the hell will they draft 2008: New Era Scouting Edition

New Era Scouting (aka Matt Miller from SB Nation's Mocking the Draft) has their team interest section updated. Last year, Matt and others stated that the Colts wanted Anthony Gonzalez and Quinn Pitcock prior to the draft, and lo and behold both players went in the first and third rounds, respectively. So, when Matt and the NES guys say the Colts are looking at Player X, I believe them. Here's their list of players the Colts are interested in:

Justin Beaver, RB, Wisconsin-Whitewater
Jeremy Geathers, DE, UNLV
John Greco, OT, Toledo
Jona Lee, MLB, Charleston Southern
Jalen Parmele, RB, Toledo
Jack Williams, CB, Kent State

Per usual, many of these guys are not the household-like names many mock drafts love to salivate over. It's interesting that two of them are RBs. Jeremy Geathers, DE from UNLV, is 6'2, 260 and is fast for a late round DE.