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Colts auction parts of RCA Dome... including urinals

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Just before the RCA Dome will acquaint itself with a wrecking ball, you can own a piece of the dome:

Indianapolis is putting the wrecking ball to the RCA Dome this spring, but not before they let the Colts auction off all the goodies inside of it. Fans who want to take home a piece of Indianapolis sports history can bid on everything at -- and when I say everything, I mean everything. The Colts are selling off stadium seats, turnstiles, turf dirt, and yes, even the locker room urinals.
Yes, you can own the toilet Peyton Manning took a dump in just prior to winning the AFC Championship Game in 2007. It's history folks. Grab it while it's hot!
Go Colts!

Update [2008-3-11 11:39:37 by BigBlueShoe]: BTW, do a Google search for "urinal" and you get some pretty funny results:

That's just scary.
That's just wrong.
That's just genius.