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Colts Trivia Question of the Day

I love finding little pieces of information that nobody in their right mind would ever remember, yet I know I will be able to pull out said completely useless fact at any moment. I'm going to attempt to find a little nugget every day (most of them will be Colts related, but I may stray from time to time), and let you take a stab at answering it correctly. I'll post the answer the next day in a manner that you'll only be able to see it if you highlight it with your mouse.

For example, highlight after this text to see a message: Peyton Manning > Tom Brady

Bullard47 asked me to take a look at Opponents Passer Rating, and analyze how teams did, and that analysis is upcoming. However, in looking at the data, an interesting bit came up. I took the Team Passer Rating, which takes into account sack yardage, for this data, so it won't be exactly what the QB Rating would be. Here's the question:

A perfect Passer Rating is 158.3, and only two teams have had a perfect rating over the past 5 years. One of those two games happened against the Colts. Which team had a perfect passer rating against us, and who was the quarterback?

Bonus Question: Who had the other perfect passer rating in the last 5 years?