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Oakland Raiders trade for DeAngelo Hall

The Raiders (with the newly added Hall, CB Nnamdi Asomugha, and S Michael Huff) now have the best secondary in all of football:

The Atlanta Falcons have reached an agreement in principle with the Oakland Raiders to trade cornerback DeAngelo Hall for the Raiders' second-round pick in the 2008 draft, pending the Raiders finalizing a contract with Hall, according to a source close to the Falcons.

Hall is close to agreeing to a contract with the Raiders that will pay him just below what Asante Samuel signed with the Eagles, according to the source. Samuel signed a six-year deal worth a reported $57 million, with $20 million guaranteed.

Obviously, the Colts couldn't make this trade. So, I'm not mad or anything that Polian didn't trade for Hall. Giving him Samuel money is a joke. If Al Davis weren't an idiot, this team would be very competitive next year, because they have a ton of talent on defense. Check out Silver and Black Pride for more details.

Update [2008-3-16 8:33:1 by BigBlueShoe]: Hold the phone, the deal might not be done yet (tip to ctnyc)