My friend > Me > you

Alright so yellowsnow, a few of our other friends and I go to Landsharks in BR to meet up with a friend.  We are all drunk as hell and are dancing and stuff, and I look up at this massive, stacked black dude dancing on this stoop.  I do a double take because I can't see straight.  I tell yellowsnow and my other friend, "Dude that guy looks just like Robert Mathis!"  We all start talking about it and looking at him so I say, "Fuck it I'm going to go ask him."  So I walk up to his stoop thing, he notices me and I kind motion him to come here a second.  I didn't actually think that was going to work be he walks over to me and I say, "Hey man I don't mean to bother you or anything but what's your name?"  He says, "Robert."  I'm like, "Robert Mathis?"  He says, "Yeap..." oagjasjgapsjgpajgjtp In my head I'm screaming, "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!"  So I tell him, "Dude I love you man!  The Colts are going to be so awesome next year!!  I just wanted to come over and say we appreciate what you do and wanted to say good luck next year!"  He says, "Thanks alot homie, we appreciate you guys too."  So we shook hands, and he crushed my hand with his massive bearclaws.  Then I walk over to my friends again and we start freaking out like a bunch of schoolgirls.  So we continue the night, getting drinks and dancing.  Eventually yellowsnow, another friend, and I go to get some shots of tequila and when we get back my other friend tells me that Robert waved him over and offered to take a shot with him.  So he said they took a shot of vodka.  So everyone was all jealous and whatnot and I called him a lucky bastard blah blah blah.  So eventually we decide to all leave and get some food at Qdoba.  As we are walking out, we all wave to him and shake his hand again and yellowsnow yells out, "Sack Tom Brady!"  Robert replies with, "Already did twice!" hahahhaha My god that was so awesome.  Then I yelled Go Colts!  And we walked out.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I know you are all jealous. :)

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