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Colts re-sign DE Josh Thomas

The Colts re-signed back-up DE Josh Thomas to a one-year deal, terms not disclosed. Thomas has been a solid back-up over the last five years. While his pass rushing skills are very limited, he is quite good against the run. Re-signing Thomas does not mean the Colts won't go for pass rushers in he draft. Thomas is a run stuffer, not a pass rusher. It's one of the reasons he's struggled a bit in Indy's system.

Despite this, he's a solid player who provides good depth, and he worked his tail off when Freeney and Mathis went down last year.

Update [2008-3-19 14:25:34 by BigBlueShoe]: Apologies for not tipping Bullard47 for writing about this first in the diaries. Interesting note from his diary: Thomas visited Tennessee and the Titans didn't sign him. There's a first. Apparently, the Titans aren't so desperate as to sign ALL of Indy's free agents.