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It's Time, Once Again, to Root Against the Patriots

We all don't like these Patriots
As our good friend the21eraser pointed out below, the NCAA Basketball Tournament is upon us.  I have found myself in a unique position on the eve of 2 of the best days in sports (Divisional Playoff Weekend is the other 2 days).  My alma mater, Notre Dame, is set to take on my soon-to-be graduate school alma mater, George Mason.  Yes, THE George Mason. That team everyone fell in love with 2 years ago when found their way to the Final Four in Indianapolis.  I enjoy the school, and the program I am in is top notch.  However, they have one problem, and we all should take notice:

They are nicknamed:  The Patriots.

It is our duty as Colts fans to root against them.  Can you really see yourself saying: "I'm rooting for the Patriots.  The Patriots are the feel-good story in Sports."  I need a shower after saying that.  

College teams shouldn't be the only "Patriots" we root against (Baptist Bible College, we are coming after you too).  I did a search of Indiana High School Nicknames, and there are 9 schools in our great state of Indiana that share a nickname with that team in the Northeast.  What a travesty.  These schools really should consider changing their nicknames to something that is synomynous with good moral character, doing things the right way, and, of course, winning without the aid of video cameras and HGH.  

We shouldn't like these Patriots either.

All of these schools should change their nickname to...The Colts! Not one high school in Indiana has the nickname "Colts."  I have found 9 candidates for this honor.  Please step forward, and get yourself a new, better, nickname.

Anyway, back to Thursday night.  You should all practice your "Let's Go Irish!" chants before the game.  The big guy from Schererville, it's pronounced HAIR-ann-GO-dee.  CW over at Rakes of Mallow has some good preview material, so you can start your hating of the Patriots sooner than 9:50 EDT Thursday night.  

By the way, I'll be looking at everyone's bracket, and seeing who the "Patriot" fans are here. There is still time to change your bracket. Trevor Laws will be very disappointed in you if you don't.

Don't be a "Patriot" fan (but do consider going to school there.  It's quite good.)  Go Irish!