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Who the hell will they draft 2008: Toledo OT John Greco

Toledo's John Greco is not to be confused with 80's actor Richard Greico.
One name that keeps popping up in mock drafts and in lists (like New Era Scouting's) of players the Colts are "interested" in is OT John Greco, and everytime I hear his name I'm reminded of one-time 80s actor Richard Grieco.

John Greco, an offensive lineman who played his college ball at Toledo, is very much in the Howard Mudd mold, and like Bowling Green's Kory Lichtensteiger, he is very versatile.

When I did the profile on Lichtensteiger, I received several emails from BG fans telling me how awesome Lichtensteiger was; how he was a great team leader, hard worker, and anchored a very strong o-line. This confirmed, for me at least, that Lichtensteiger's character and ability were something the Colts would find attractive. With Greco, it is very similar. Like Lichtensteiger, Greco was team captain for a very strong o-line. Like Lichtensteiger, Greco can play multiple positions, but seems most comfortable at either guard or tackle. When you look at his strengths, one gets a good idea that Howard Mudd could turn this guy into a pretty good player:

Good size and bulk with the frame to get even bigger..Is technically sound and he understands angles / positioning...Strong and powerful...Gets a great push in the run game...Tough & durable...Smart with good awareness...Has a great motor...Is intense and competitive..Hard worker and team leader with top-notch intangibles.
Football intelligence, understands angles, strong awareness, an ability to understand blocking scheme, big and tough... all traits Howard Mudd likes in his lineman. Because Greco is a big guy, and could add more bulk if monitored by conditioning coaches, Greco seems more suited to play RT in the NFL. This means that, if the Colts draft him (and if he is on NES's list, that means Indy is seriously considering him) then Greco will one day replace Ryan Diem. Diem, who has been an excellent RT for Indy for a number of years, has had trouble staying healthy of late, and his primary back-up, Charlie Johnson, struggled in 2007 after a very promising rookie campaign. Like Diem, Greco could start at guard, replacing Jake Scott. Then, after a year or so developing there, he could switch to tackle.

As a freshman, Greco started all 13 games at RT. As a senior, he was the starting LT. This significant experience playing both tackle positions has helped raise Greco's draft stock. He even seems willing to play a little back-up center is called to do so. He is also a serious road grader, logging 99 knockdowns and 14 blocks that directly resulted in TDs. His Combine results were solid, and his 40 time got better at his Pro Day due to a sore hamstring healing up.

Greco's other strengths are his focus and dedication. He lost 25 pounds in the off-season to get his weight a shade under 300. This allows him to be nimble footed and quick, traits teams like the Colts look for in o-linemen. Losing that weight was important because his feet seem to be his biggest weakness. He also has a few technique issues, but because he is such a sound technician and seems to take coaching well, these look correctable.

Greco is projected to go off the board in the 3rd or 4th round. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Polian will snatch Greco in the 3rd, even though positions like pass rusher and WR are more vital. If Polian can find a "Mudd Guy" that could develop into a starting tackle, he has no qualms about taking that guy early (see Tony Ugoh). Greco's versatility and toughness make him a strong Indy prospect, and I think, of all the players profiled, he is the one most likely to get drafted by the Colts in late April.