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Mike Florio loses his mind; starts making sh*t up

PFT has had a record week in terms of hits, and as much as PFT annoys the piss out of me for the stuff they write that is usually 60% wrong, I'm happy another independent web outlet is doing well. I still think Florio is a coward for not allowing comments on his "blog," but whatever.

I'm assuming Mike went out and had a few drinks with friends to celebrate their recent record hit counts because only someone drunker than a Kennedy on St. Pattie's Day would write something like this:


As rumors continue to swirl regarding possible destinations for receiver Randy Moss, there's a potential team that no one has mentioned, as far as we can tell.

The Colts.

Sure, they've got Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison.  But what is Harrison's status?  He had a "bruised knee" for most of the year, and it was sufficiently bruised to prevent him from playing.

If Harrison can't play at a high level (or at all) in 2008, Moss suddenly becomes an intriguing option to replace him.

And the similarities to his 2007 situation are striking.  Elite quarterback who will help keep Moss from becoming a problem?  Check.  Elite coach who commands sufficient respect and thus will keep Moss from becoming a problem?  Check.  G.M. who will throw Moss into a wall if he becomes a problem?  Check.  (Okay, Moss didn't have that one in New England.)

Besides, what better way for the Colts to close the gap on the Pats than to swipe the guy who was their primary difference-maker in 2007?  

Of course, the salary cap might limit the team's ability to pay Moss.  But the Colts always have seemed to find a way to pay the guys they want to pay; if they decide that they want Moss, they'll surely find a way to make it happen.

Um, no. Randy Moss caught 23 TDs during the regular season in 2007, and then proceeded to do what Randy has always done: Disappear in the post-season. In both the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl, Moss was completely invisible. He's a lazy player who knows how to run two friggin' kinds of routes: Hitch and fly. That's it.

And do you honestly think Peyton Manning is going to tolerate the whining and complaining that Brady tolerated last year?

Again, this is Florio doing what he does best: Making sh*t up on the fly.