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Updated Colts mock draft

New Era Scouting has an updated list up of who the Colts are interested in, and based on the fact that Indy scouts attended Marshall's Pro Day, we know the Colts are interested in QB Bernard Morris and C Doug Legursky. New Era's list now has Georgia DE Marcus Howard listed as a player the Colts want (they've messed up his first name on the list, but they mean Marcus). His name on that list, plus the pros and cons of Howard I blogged about a few weeks ago, lead me to believe he's a guy the Colts could pluck from the board with their second pick. That said, here's my updated mock draft:

2nd Round: DE Marcus Howard, Georgia
3rd Round: RB Matt Forte, Tulane
4th Round: WR Harry Douglas, Louisville
*4th Round: OT John Greco, Toledo
*5th Round: C Kory Lichtensteiger, Bowling Green
5th Round: G Mike McGlynn, Pittsburgh
6th Round: QB Bernard Morris, Marshall
*7th Round: DE Jeremy Geathers, UNLV
7th Round: LB Wesley Woodard, Kentucky

Obviously, I'd like the Colts to take DT Trevor Laws or RB Chris Johnson, and even mock drafts like this one say they will be there. But realistically, I don't think they will. If they are, GREAT! Polian will draft one. He's not stupid. But realistically, both will likely be on team chartered jets to other cities by the time Indy heads to the podium with their 2nd round pick.

I based the comp picks on what I think they will be. Getting 6th round picks for two starters who left and started on two playoff teams is a friggin' joke. The Colts should get, at the bare minimum, a 4th and 5th for Cato June and Nick Harper, respectively.  

Rounds 4 and 5 are offensive line heavy for a reason: I think the Colts will go hard for one of those three guys. QB Bernard Morris should be around in rounds 4-7, as should DE Jeremy Geathers. I see Matt Forte pop up a lot on many mock drafts, and I plan to do a profile of him soon.

Let me know what you think. I fully expect Terry to praise my selection of Pittsburgh product Mike McGlynn. Give Terry credit: He was right about Clint Session last season.