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More Colts flock to Philly

Yet another Colts defensive player has left Indy for the confines of Philadelphia. Yesterday, Rocky Boiman signed a one-year deal with the Eagles, providing Philly with their very own "Rocky." Boiman was a very solid back-up LBer and special teams player the last two years. If needed, he could start and play well. I still think his demotion from starting SAM was not right, considering how well he was playing at the time. And though Tyjuan Hagler (the guy who replaced Boiman) didn't suck, I didn't notice an improvement in play either.

The real reason Boiman was not re-signed was the Colts have a lot of faith in Hagler and Clint Session. Also, don't be surprised if Rob Morris is re-signed prior to training camp.

For Philly, they get another quality back-up from the Colts defense. They already have Montae Reagor and Dan Klecko (though Klecko is playing FB now).