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McFarland signs with Steelers

Anthony "Booger" McFarland signed a deal with the Steelers yesterday, terms not available. I understand why the Colts cut Booger. Indy has three very good young DTs, and Raheem Brock is coming back. There just wasn't any room in the rotation for him, and he was counting a ton against the cap. Still, I held out the vain hope Indy would re-sign him. He will now have to learn a totally new style of defense, and I'm not sure he fits what they do in Steeltown.

McFarland was a big reason the Colts won the Super Bowl in 2006, and Polian's mid-season trade for Booger was one of the greatest moves of his career. His presence, leadership, and his play helped turn the defense around in the playoffs, along with the return of Bob Sanders and the benching of Gilbert Gardner. It was fitting that he and Jeff Saturday dumped the Gatorade on Dungy as the final seconds of Super Bowl 41 ticked away. Dungy was coach in Tampa Bay when McFarland was drafted in 1999.

Link provided by Coltpower.