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A quick way to piss BBS off: Rank Randy Moss ahead of Marvin Harrison

This, my friends, is the greatest WR in football not named Jerry Rice.
Listen, I understand there are some stooooooopid people out there. Take this person; I mean, that is one dumb lady. But almost equally as dumb is the recent article by ESPN writer Mike Sando. This is the same Mike Sando who, months ago, said the 2007 Colts were one of the best teams... ever! Sando used statistics to make that bold (and idiotic) claim. I mean, I live the Colts and I often make some silly homer comments about them, but "best ever?" Apparently, months later, Sando still likes over-valuing stats. Recently, after Sando canvassed such intellectual stall worths as Keyshawn Johnson, he came to the amazing conclusion that Jerry Rice is the best WR ever, and right behind him is... Randy Moss?

In fact, of the top 10 WRs of all time, Colts receiver Marvin Harrison is ranked 10th, behind Cris Carter (8), Terrel Owens (9), and Michael "Where's the f&*king COCAINE!" Irvin (4).

Now, if there is a fast track way to piss me off, it's dumbass articles like this. First of all, of the panelists evaluating the greatest receivers of all time, not one of them is a cornerback. Warren Moon (QB), Raymond Berry (WR), Mike Holgreme (Fat coach), Ted Thompson, (General Manager), Boyd Dowler (WR), and Keyshawn Johnson (over-rated WR and braindead TV commentator) were never corners. The lone former-defensive back on the panel, Ken Houston, played safety. As many know, cornerbacks are usually the first line of defense against a WR, and if anyone knows if a WR is good or not, it's a CB. Safeties are in the know to, obviously. but having only one on the panel makes the entire panel laughable and the article a worthless piece of crap.

I understand that articles like this are especially created so hotheads like me can go "WTF!" and post links to it on my blog so it can spike ESPN's ugly, video-laced website. Knowing that, I won't waste time picking through the obvious stupidity of having idiots like Keyshawn Johnson decide who the best WR of all time is. What I will say is that whenever CBs, or defensive backs in general, and modern-day WRs are asked who the consensus best WR in football is, they always say Marvin Harrison.

Indeed, an article as recently as two days ago spotlighted Niners CB Nate Clements. Clements was asked who the best WRs are right now. His response was this:

1. Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts

Clements: "I think the way he runs routes separates him, and he has excellent hands. He is a sure-handed catcher. He has the speed. The numbers don't lie."

2. Randy Moss, New England Patriots

Clements: "He's been real consistent throughout his career."

3. Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals

Clements: "Chad is very quick. He can catch the ball. He has good size. He runs good routes and he can go up and go get the ball."

Now, I love Marvin Harrison, but his injury has many lingering questions. So, currently, I would not rank him ahead of Randy Moss. Comparing careers, is Marvin better? Absolutely, and anyone who disagrees is an idiot who should be immediately dismissed. I could pull out all kinds of numbers, games won, and show off that shiny ring Marvin has. I could also point out Marvin has never punched his head coach or tried to run over a cop with his car. It's amazing how, when evaluating a player's entire career, incidents like these are never brought into the evaluation process even though they have a direct correlation to a team winning or losing football games. Creating an unnecessary distraction for your team (especially distractions like those) is the same as dropping a key pass during a key situation.

Regardless, what truly speaks volumes is high level NFL DBs still consider Marvin the best WR of the modern era. While media idiots like ESPN trumpet Owens or Moss, the people who actually play the friggin' game always say Harrison, Harrison, HARRISON! Yet, one sees very little recognition for Marvin on this.

It's just another example of why sports media is in the toilet bowl, and why blogs (like this one) are so important to keeping things real. Now, please excuse me as I step off my high horse, look for my chainsaw, and track down Mike Sando so I can persuade him never to write dumb articles like this again.