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Draftmas 2008

Dear Santa Polian,

In just 4 short weeks you'll make the yearly slide down the chimney of the Colts complex with our shiny new draft-picks and undrafted free agents.  It seems like only a couple of days ago I was asking myself, "Ugoh who?"  

I know you're really busy and probably get tons of letters, but please hear me out.  All I want for Draftmas is a new STARTING LEFT DEFENSIVE END.  

Everybody just settle down... I know you're all big Robert Mathis fans, but just hear me out.  Robert Mathis is not a full-time starter in the NFL.  He generally plays well, but he is what he is... a situational pass rusher and a mediocre full-time defensive end.

In the two seasons prior to him becoming a full time starter (2004 and 2005) he registered 22 sacks.  In his two seasons since becoming a full-time starter he's only registered 16 1/2.  Now I already know what you're thinking, "This guy's crazy!", "Mathis is a great defensive end", "Stats lie", but just listen.  The problem is, he's worn out by the time we reach a passing down and he's not effective as he could be coming off the bench.  Since starting he hasn't been able consistently beat the single coverage that Freeney's presence creates for him.  

Speaking of Freeney, before his injury many people were wondering why the best pass rusher in the NFL wasn't generating very many sacks.  Well it's pretty hard when Mathis is tired and you can double and sometimes triple Freeney.

Santa Polian, it's time to go back to the days where the Colts pass rush was feared.  When teams would run the ball down by 21 points because they were too scared to throw.  You remember the days, when we were leading the NFL in sacks?  When Byron Leftwich and Steve McNair's backups knew they were going to play due to injury?  

If we've learned anything from the 2007 season, it's that you can't ever have enough talent on the Defensive Line (See Colts season down the drain, Giants win Super Bowl with amazing pass rush for further reference).

Honestly, I don't care who you get.  Get someone who can stop the run.  Someone who can step up and play at a high level if an injury occurs, but more importantly, someone who can give Mathis and Freeney a breather during the game without a drop-off in production.

The Super Bowl could depend on it.

P.S. - Bring back the days of the 2 headed monster at Running Back.  Get us someone who's not afraid to make a block on a linebacker, and someone who isn't afraid to catch the ball.

Enjoy the milk and cookies,

Mr. Eraser.