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Warrick is coming to the Colts

Listen, I can understand it if teams like the Broncos, Cowboys, and Texans are interested in Warrick Dunn. The Cowboys need someone to ride along with Marion Barber (who will likely get re-signed), and both the Broncos and Texans have shaky running games. But let's face it, Warrick Dunn has about 2 more years of football left in him, and he knows it. Most RBs are retired by this time, and it is nothing short of amazing that Dunn is still a productive back at age 33.

Knowing this, it's pretty damn clear that Dunn is coming to Indy.

Warrick Dunn wants to win, and other than New England, New York Giants, or San Diego, the Indianapolis Colts are a team getting primed and ready for another title run. No offense to a team like Houston, who has an up-and-coming squad in the now-exceedingly tough AFC South, but if Dunn went to the Texans he'd be their feature back. Dunn isn't a feature back anymore, and he knows it.

In Indy, he'd be splitting time with Joseph Addai in an offense that likes to throw the ball. He'd be coached by his long-time friend and mentor, Tony Dungy. Gene Huey, widely regarded as one of the best RB coaches in football, would coach his position. He'd also have Peyton, Marvin, Reggie, Dallas, and Gonzo around him. It's such a no-brainer it isn't even funny.

The only thing that could hold up Warrick Dunn signing with the Colts is money, and in this regard I have no sympathy for Dunn. He's made a lot of money in his 10-plus years in the NFL. I don't expect him to take a "veteran minimum" contract with Indy, but a fair contract is indeed called for (not a Bernard Berrian none).

But first things first: Dunn needs to get released. He's already requested a release from Atlanta, and if the Falcons have any decency they will do it. I will keep my eye on this. The Colts want Warrick, and Warrick wants to be a Colt. It's now a matter of getting something Dunn (yes, pun intended; sue me).

Update [2008-3-3 12:13:58 by BigBlueShoe]: The Falcons did the classy thing and released Warrick Dunn today. He is now a free agent, and free to sign with any club.