Colts Interest Update

NewEraScouting added some more of the players that the Colts are apparently interested in. The newest entries are Alley Broussard, Danny Lansanah, and Blake Mitchell. Mackenzy Bernadeau and Titus Brown was also added earlier this week, bringing the total to:

Justin Beaver, RB, Wisconsin-Whitewater
Mackenzy Bernadeau, G, Bentley College
Alley Broussard, RB, Missouri Southern
Titus Brown, DE, Mississippi State
Jeremy Geathers, DE, UNLV
John Greco, OT, Toledo
Thomas Howard, DE/LB, Georgia
Danny Lansanah, LB, Connecticut
Jona Lee, MLB, Charleston Southern
Blake Mitchell, QB, South Carolina
Jalen Parmele, RB, Toledo
Jack Williams, CB, Kent State

They make a note that most first-day prospects have had a private workout with the team, while all other players have had at least a private interview.

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