draft board update

Never mind the *final* I had up before. The draft has started but at 3 picks a day it'll be weeks before I make my pick. The time that is allowed to make a pick with also probably give me time to ask all you what you think before it's offical.

So here's the another chance to help me with the draft board.

I've got;

  1. Chris Johnson (non-negotiable)
  2. Trevor Laws
  3. Marcus Howard
  4. Cliff Avril
5/6 Matt Forte/Xavier Adibi (not sure which I like better)

Another pass rusher is probably the Colts biggest need so if the subject of my man-crush is taken before my pick I'll choke back my tears long enough to hopefully fill that need with one of the Laws, Howard, Avril trio.

I like Forte, but he has a big skills overlap with Addai. I'd prefer a #2 RB (Chris Johnson) that brings something else to the table instead of just a less explosive, but maybe better blocking version of Addai.

Adibi would be a monster at LB for the Colts. He fits the system and is more talented and polished than most Colts LB picks. LB isn't a big need, but he's someone I'd be glad to settle for.

Anyone want to shuffle the rankings or add on?

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