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Titus Brown is indeed on Colts radar

Tip to Aerostar193 for letting us know about New Era Scouting's latest team interest update. We now see that Titus Brown is on the Colts radar. I feel smart now, because no one was saying Brown was a Colts-type player except me.

The fact that Jeremy Geathers and Titus Brown are getting interviewed or looked at by the Colts reinforces my notion that the Colts might not take a DE in the late second round. Both those guys are speedy pass rushers, and both will likely still be on the board in the 5th or 6th rounds. If someone like RB Chris Johnson or RB Matt Forte is there, the Colts will take them and not think twice about it. The QB on the New Era list is interesting because it isn't Bernard Morris from Marshall. Instead, South Carolina's Blake Mitchell is listed, and he did not get a glowing review from our resident Gamecock, tenyardfight:

born and raised a gamecock fan, it breaks my heart to speak against an s.c. player, but blake mitchell is extremely inconsistent. he was replaced last season for some time by a freshman; he looks incredibly indecisive in the pocket and holds the ball too long. s.c.'s o-line has been pretty dismal the last couple of years, but mitchell's problems go beyond the o-line. he looked even worse after sidney rice left last year and eventually became a viking.  

he's also had some off the field trouble, getting into stupid situations which seem to indicate that his head is not entirely in the game where it should be.

Interesting. My updated mock is coming soon, as are a few more Who the hell will they draft posts.