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Steve McKinney returning to Indy?

Coltpower has a post up saying that "a former starter was also spotted with some of the Colts regulars this weekend. Could the team be considering bringing back this veteran to help at a position of need?" Of course, when you click the link, it asks you to pay to read the article. Things like this really piss me off because 1) No article of this kind is worth paying money for, and 2) It implies a certain element of snootiness to charge people to read "insider" info.

But whatever, can run their business anyway they want. I certainly am not paying hundreds of dollars to read them.

Based on this cryptic post from Scouts, I'm thinking Steve McKinney, recently released by the Houston Texans, could return to Indy. McKinney was drafted in 1998 by the Colts, and played until 2002 when he signed a free agent contract with the expansion Texans. In Houston, he played center. With Indy, he played guard, and he was a damn good one. With Jake Scott scooting off to Tennessee, the guard position is a position of need.

Other possible former starters that Coltpower could be talking about: Booger McFarland, Rob Morris, and Marcus Pollard.

Update [2008-4-1 10:55:14 by BigBlueShoe]: For those of you who posted the contents of the Coltpower article, thanks, but at the request of the the folks at, I had to delete the comments. I personally don't like insider subscriptions on the net because... well, it eventually gets posted on sites like these and it's a bitch to police that. However, I understand that the guys at Coltpower have families to feed. So please folks, do not post insider info in the comments. Thanks, and sorry I had to delete some comments.