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2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft

With the draft just four weeks away, it's time to rev up your mock draft engines and hold on tight for the 2008 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft. This is the third year of our annual writers mock draft, and this year we're doing a few things differently (and for the better). First off, we now have an entire site dedicated to the NFL Draft: Mocking the Draft. It's here that the mock draft will get displayed as team writers submit their picks and offer write-ups on why their team will select Player X. BrianG and TheSportsGuru are the admins for the draft, ushering us lazy, undecided writers through the mock process and getting us to turn our picks in on time. And speaking of the process, here's how it works:
  • 3 picks per day.  We plan on posting three picks per day here, so be sure to lock your browsers in to Mocking the Draft and check back morning, early afternoon and evening!
  • No Trades.  Last year, we included trades in our mock draft, which made for entertaining discussion but also caused delays.  We're eliminating trades this year in the hopes of getting you picks as quickly as possible, so feel free to offer trade suggestions in the comments section.
  • Two Rounds.  We went three rounds last year, and time was short when we wrapped up.  This year, we will go two rounds - but if we find that there's extra time, we may decide to try to squeeze out that third round.  Stay tuned for an update on that situation.
  • Partnerships.  Partnering with New Era Scouting, each pick will be chock-full of player analysis; we're really excited to have Matt's input on each and every pick this year for that reason.  We also have a second partnership in the works that we'll announce over the next couple of days.
Our partnership with New Era has given us access to some excellent player information.

The other change for this year is I will not be selecting Indy's pick in the mock draft. Our own shake n bake, who also has his own blog, will make the draft selection. His draft board is as follows for the late second round:

1.    Chris Johnson (non-negotiable)
2.    Trevor Laws
3.    Marcus Howard
4.    Cliff Avril
5/6 Matt Forte/Xavier Adibi

Check out Mocking the Draft for updates on who was drafted and why.