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Free agent tracker

Matt Miller, the guy who runs SB Nation's NFL Draft blog, Mocking the Draft, has maintained a site for years called New Era Scouting. New Era has been tracking draft prospects for over ten years, and now they've posted their free agent tracker. The tracker breaks down all free agents (and by all I mean ALL, not just the cool ones with the semi-well-known names) by team. It's helpful to get a sense of who is still on the market. New Era also gives each free agent a grade (1-10, with 10 being the highest) so you can see who is a big time free agent and who is a complete waste of time. Check it out when you can.

Also, I am still doing a podcast with TheSportsGuru over at TPS Radio called The SB Nation Football Frenzy. We might, and I stress might, have Matt on the show tonight. For you fans of the old Colts podcasting, I talk a lot more Colts-related stuff on this show than the last one. Drop in and listen live, or listen to old shows (I've talked a lot about "Spygate"; I mean, a lot). We'll be on tonight at 9pm Eastern.