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Lovin' the starters

Piggy-backing the21eraser's post, as much as I write about how I want the Colts to add depth and upgrade certain positions, I want to stress that I am as happy with the current crop of starters as I have ever been as a fan. Of the 22 starters from last season, 21 are expected to report to training camp. The one absence is free agent G Jake Scott. All of Indy's key free agents, the core of the team's veteran leadership and skill, are locked up long-term to cap-friendly contracts that allow flexibility. It's a big reason why Bob Sanders and Dallas Clark got the contracts they received. This flexibility, combined with Bill Polian scary ability to find diamonds in the rough in both the draft and free agency, has given the Colts are very young, dynamic team with (of all things) Super Bowl-winning experience.

So, while I talk about how cool it would be to sign Warrick Dunn, or maybe outbid Arizona for Travis LaBoy, or take a second chance on Larry Tripplett, understand I want this so the Colts can add depth, not new starters. I do not want to see a repeat of 2007. Injuries frustrate the hell out of me, and last year this team did not have enough depth to overcome them. As great as Polian has been locking up the core of this team (and I think that has been his focus the last two years), he now has to switch his attention to adding depth.