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Help me come up with a Project Design

Large Forehead = 80% Win
In the same procrastinating fashion I used during my undergrad days, I have a project proposal due tomorrow that I have not started, and I need your help.  The class is on statistical modeling, and I have to come up with a model of my choice to present to the class. Naturally, with my new position here at Stampede Blue, I want to create a tool that predicts NFL games.

This tool will be a decision based model, meaning all the factors involved have a certain probability of happening, which causes other things to happen, etc.  Here's where you come in:

I need ideas as to what factors go into predicting a football game. I think I have the statistical parts of it, but I need non-statistical factors as well, such as weather or size of quarterback's forehead (I'm not really using that one).

As a thank you, I'll post my report, as well as the tool, here so everyone can check it out.