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Brayton gives Colts the cold shoulder, signs with Panthers

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Tyler Brayton opted to sign with the Carolina Panthers:

"It was a very difficult decision,'' Tom Mills, Brayton's agent, said. "He really liked both places. It came down to projected play time. We think he'll have a chance to get more reps in Carolina.
"(It was) very hard to turn down the Colts.''

Brayton, 28, would have served as the third end behind starters Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

Brayton went to a team that offered the best chance for him to start. Whatever.

And here I was getting my hopes up that the Colts would actually sign a real live free agent. Oh well. I still hold out hope for Warrick Dunn, or maybe even Joey Harrington, who was just cut by the Falcons. I just want to feel the same excitement Jets and Browns fans are feeling now. Free agency is like when a stripper smiles at you while she gyrates up against a stage pole. The smile promises something, but you're not sure what. And in the end, you pay a lot of money looking to fulfill that promise, only to find out that what you thought the smile meant was not what was intended.

You will now excuse me as I hide from my girlfriend.