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Brett Favre retirement press conference

Click here to see Favre's press conference streamed live.

Believe it or not, the NFL does talk to us. How else do you think I got invited to this shindig last August? My good looks? HA! No, my good looks only got me in the door (because chicks dig guys who act like David Caruso in Jade). What got me to rub elbows with Adam Shefter was our friends at the NFL and

Today, at 12pm Eastern, our friends at are live streaming Brett Favre's retirement press conference. So, if you are at work and want to listen in (but in a way that your boss can't see), click the NFL's live event link, and watch Brett Favre say goodbye.

Seriously, THIS is how much Brett Favre meant to the NFL. Says something when is live streaming his goodbye press conference.