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Polian addressing special teams, but not the way I want him to

Coltpower has a subscription only article (lame) on how Bill Polian is looking for a dynamic kick returner in the early second day of the draft. Apparently, TJ rushing is doing a "serviceable" job, but after Darren Sproules bailout San Diego's offense and defense in both meetings with the Colts last year, Bill Polian has finally realized that a dynamic returner is an incredibly potent weapon. Stampede Blue humbly suggests some of the rookies listed here. Just a thought, Bill.

While I'm happy Polian is working to get a dynamic returner, I am a bit annoyed at Indy's efforts to get a special teams ace. Two excellent special teamers, Sam Aiken and Brendon Ayanbadejo, signed for peanuts with rivals New England and Baltimore, respectively. Ayanbadejo is arguably one of the best special teamers in football, and he signed with Baltimore for four years, $4.9 million, with a $1.9 million signing bonus. Seriously, the Colts couldn't afford that? They couldn't afford Aiken. Please.

My point here is Baltimore's new coach, John Harbaugh, was once an excellent ST coach in Philly. He knows that special team aces are important. The Colts special teams have been awful, and this system of using rookies simply Does. Not. Work. That, and Russ Purnell is an incompetent moron. Guys like Aiken and Ayanbadejo would fill immediate needs, and on the cheap. Polian should have made aggressive moves to get them.