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Bill Polian feels your pain

I feel very fortunate that my cable provider here in the greater Washington, DC area has the NFL Network.  It has become the channel I fall back to when there is nothing else on the other 200 channels.  They've started playing a lot of old games, plus now every week they are replaying the top 5 games from each week from the '07 season on Sunday afternoons.

However, I know a good majority of you here do not receive it, especially if you live in/around Indianapolis.  I feel bad for you, even though it seems the league is losing money on the endeavor.  In an article by Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, he quotes our beloved GM regarding the NFL Network:

Bill Polian wants to watch, too
The quote of the day -- hands down -- came from Polian, when asked by a reporter if he had an opinion about the NFL Network, which some owners are growing increasingly uncomfortable with, given that it has yet to be much more than a significant financial drain on the league.

"No, I do not," Polian said, before adding, "I don't get it."

Someone followed up with: You don't receive it, or you don't understand it? "I don't receive it," Polian said, amid much laughter from us media types. "I can't get it on Comcast in Indianapolis."

For the sake of everyone here who does not have the NFL Network yet, I hope the issues with the Cable companies are worked out.  It would be a shame for the network to fold because of financial reasons.  It definitely has a lot of potential.