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I mock your mock with my mock: 4/11/2008

Draft Tek has their new mock draft up, and STILL they have the Colts drafting TE Dustin Keller in the 2nd round, passing up Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Marcus Howard, and Cliff Avril. In the 3rd round they pass up Marcus Howard AGAIN for RB Kevin Smith. It seems like, just like the last scenario, the Colts are going RB and TE in the first two rounds, but the players they are taking are inferior to the players we suggest in our mock draft.

I know it is a simulation, but the data entered into this simulation is flawed. TE is not a major "need." The only real major "need" is a back-up pass rusher. The Colts have very few holes, and I really don't think they are going to pass up Cliff Avril once and Marcus Howard TWICE knowing that their one need is back-up DE.

And, I'm sorry, if Polian passes up BOTH Forte and CJ in round 2, he better have a good damn reason why (ie, he's got insider info that both were caught partying with Matt Leinart recently).

Anyway, here's my revised Mock Draft (4/11/2008):

2 (59): RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina
3 (93): DE Marcus Howard, Georgia
4 (127): CB Jack Williams, Kent State
5 (161): WR Arman Shields, Richmond
6 (196): OC Kory Lichtensteiger, Bowling Green
6 (201): DT Carlton Powell, Virginia Tech
6 (202): TE Joey Haynos, Maryland
6 (205): DE Titus Brown, Mississippi State
7 (236): QB Dennis Dixon, Oregon

Yes, I think Dixon will be there, and yes I think the Colts will take a QB in rounds 6 or 7. If not Dixon, maybe Tulsa QB Paul Smith.