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Colts Players Making Headlines

There are lots of Colts in the news today, and here's a small sampling of what they are up to:

  • Peyton Manning was the featured speaker at the Jackson-Madison County Hall of Fame Banquet.  Among the inductees was Manning's former University of Tennessee teammate Trey Teague.  Peyton had this to say about his good friend:
    It's special to be here this evening. Trey and I are best friends, and it was fun to play with him. I really appreciate his friendship.
     Peyton seems to be a regular on the banquet speaking tour, as he said he appears at 8-10 banquets a year.

  • Raheem Brock has signed a franchise agreement with Wingstop Restaurants, where he will develop 3 new restaurants in Philadelphia.  Brock said:
    "I'm excited to bring Wingstop to my hometown and share it with the people here," said Brock. "I love the food and the simple concept of focusing on great wings and sides. The ease of operations makes it an attractive business."
    Wingstop's national spokesman is former Cowboy Troy Aikman.  It doesn't look like there is a Wingstop in Indiana anywhere, but I'll try to visit to local franchise here in the DC area.  

  • Former Colt Offensive Lineman Tarik Glenn spoke at John Brown University Thursday.  He seems to be spreading messages learned from Coach Dungy, and I'm glad to see Tarik do some great things in the community after retirement.

  • Everyone in the media has now declared Marvin Harrison's career over, based on a story by's Adam Schefter (tip to metalmilitia as well).  The Colts have brought in Mario Manningham and Early Doucet for an interview.  It's great that the Colts are bringing in receivers, but my first thought is that this is a diversion put forth by the brain-trust that is Bill Polian.  Teams bring in many, many different players for interviews, trying to cover all of their bases.  Most of these players will, obviously, not be drafted by that team.  Maybe we should start a story that Peyton's career is winding down as well, since the front page story on is on the Quarterback draft class in 2008.  No need to make a mountain out of a mole hill.  If Polian and Dungy both say Harrison will be healthy, he'll be healthy.