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Great interview by MHR of a former NFL scout

TheSportsGuru did an hour long interview with's senior writer, and former NFL Scout, Tom Marino. Tom was a scout for over 30 years, doing much of his work with the Rams and Saints. Tom scouted guys like Torry Holt and Marc Bulger, and his work helped the Rams win the Super Bowl in 1999. Guru's interview revealed a ton of insider scout info from a guy very much in the know. Unfortunately, he only talked about a few guys that the Colts are interested in as much of the conversation focuses on who the Broncos will draft (Guru is, after all, a Broncos fan). But the interview does give one a tremendous sense of what scouts look for when evaluating a draft prospect.

Tom is a fountain of NFL knowledge. I got a particular kick out of his draft analysis of Devon Hester. I also found it interesting that Tom did not think highly of Vince Young coming out of college, and feels Jay Coutler is the best QB prospect of that class.

It's a great interview, and I highly suggest going to TPS Radio and listening to it. It is CRACK for the NFL draft junkie! The radio interview is titled MHR Radio Episode 31 - 04/09/08. Click the link to listen.