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Seriously, who does think they are fooling

It's nice that is doing article rating various draft prospects by position, though I have to wonder if it isn't the team's actual draft board listing that they've accidentally placed on the site (not unlike TV cameras catching the idiot Cowboys coaches' draft board). Regardless, when you look at two of their articles (one for the RBs and one for the TEs), there are two names missing from those lists: RB Matt Forte and TE Joey Haynos.

It's no secret the Colts really, REALLY want to draft Matt Forte, and we know the Colts have expressed interest in Joey Haynos. So, it is a little curious that their names are missing from the official rankings. I mean seriously, who are they trying to fool? While I think their TE list is decent, ranking Adam Bishop and Darrell Strong, but not ranking Joey Haynos, makes no sense. And for the RBs, not ranking Matt Forte at all is just criminal. He might be the best RB of the entire crop (ala Joseph Addai and MJ-D in 2006).

What's next? Ranking the DEs only to leave off Marcus Howard? Ranking the CBs only to leave off Jack Williams? I wonder if the Colts are trying to tell us something. Or, maybe I've just had way too much coffee today, and I'm seeing connections that don't exist. Hmmmmm...

Tip to borninblue and skywalker.