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Who's Watching the Schedule Release Show?

For the benefit of all of us sitting at work, or those of us who are bums not working, but don't have the NFL Network, we need a volunteer to keep Stampede Blue informed on who the Colts play as they are released. says:

The schedule will be announced on a week-by-week basis, highlighting all the compelling games and culminating with a countdown of the 10 most-anticipated match-ups of 2008.
We obviously already know who we play in Week 1 (Chicago on Sunday Night, for anyone who hasn't been around these parts in a while).

We can also use this thread to discuss everything with the schedule, so everything is together.

Doing some searching around the inter-webs, I found this, courtesy of the Orange and Brown Report:

On a serious note, my buddy that works for the [Cleveland] plain dealer just called me and said that week one is Cowboys,  sunday night at home is Steelers but no date,  sunday night at home against Colts, and one away monday night game
Apparently, we'll be visiting Cleveland on a Sunday night.  Sounds good to me, although I hope it's early in the year, rather than later.

Here's the schedule. Special thanks to metalmilitia for posting in comments. -- BBS

at Vikings
Bye Week
at Texans
at Packers
at Titans*
At Steelers
at Chargers
at Browns*
at Jags*

* denotes a known prime time game.