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NFL Schedule

As mgrex03, metalmilitia and others posted earlier, the NFL announced the 2008 schedule today.  

1    Sun, Sep 7    Chicago     8:15 PM
2    Sun, Sep 14    at Minnesota     1:00 PM
3    Sun, Sep 21    Jacksonville     4:15 PM
4    Bye
5    Sun, Oct 5     at Houston     1:00 PM
6    Sun, Oct 12    Baltimore     1:00 PM
7    Sun, Oct 19    at Green Bay     4:15 PM
8    Mon, Oct 27    at Tennessee     8:30 PM
9    Sun, Nov 2     New England     8:15 PM
10    Sun, Nov 9    at Pittsburgh     4:15 PM
11    Sun, Nov 16    Houston     1:00 PM
12    Sun, Nov 23    at San Diego     8:15 PM
13    Sun, Nov 30    at Cleveland     1:00 PM
14    Sun, Dec 7     Cincinnati     1:00 PM
15    Sun, Dec 14    Detroit     1:00 PM
16    Thu, Dec 18    at Jacksonville     8:15 PM
17    Sun, Dec 28    Tennessee     1:00 PM

When I first saw this schedule, I wasn't pleased.  I wasn't happy with the Week 4 bye, and the amount of Monday Night Football games we play, but those are things I can get over.  The more I look at the schedule, the more I like it.  Must have been a bad day at work.

The first couple of games are going to be most likely Colts victories.  This is going to give our young guys a chance to gel.  We'll have the week 4 bye.  Anyone hurt in training camp should be ready to come back for the playoff run stretch.

After the bye, we don't really have any opponents that scare me until we hit New England.  Unfortunately we'll play them on a short week, since the Colts play at the Titans the previous Monday.  At least the Colts and Patriots will get to play the late game Sunday and should be more than ready to take down the Patriots.  After the Patriots, we have a couple of tough games at Pittsburgh and San Diego.  If we can win 2 out of these 3 games, we'll be sitting in good shape for a playoff bye.

After the Chargers, we'll head to Cleveland where hopefully we'll play Jim Sorgi and beat the Browns just to spite them.  Home games against the Bungles and the Lions should prove to be snoozefests, and then we'll head for a week 16 showdown at Jacksonville on Thursday night.  This could prove to be the game of the year as it could decide the AFC South Division Champ as well as determine playoff seeding.  We'll finish the season with a visit from the Titans.

I think we have a decently favorable schedule.  Much like last year, if we can just get through the middle of it, we'll be in good shape.  What I'm not happy about, is having two less Monday Night Football games than the Browns.  We don't even have a home MNF football game!  How many did we have last year? Zero!  The Browns play on MNF 3 times this year, and they didn't even make the freaking playoffs last year.

That being said... overall, I think we're in good shape for the 2008 season, and we haven't even had the draft or signed any UFA's.  I couldn't be more excited for 2008.

Don't forget to e-mail me your Colts mock drafts or your 2 round full NFL Mock Drafts.