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Somewhere, shake n bake is crying

With the 42nd pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft, TheSportsGuru, picking for his beloved Denver Broncos, took East Carolina's RB Chris Johnson. Needless to say, this was a major reach for Guru, whose Broncos need a helluva lot more help than a good #2 back and special teams player. Here's Guru's reasoning:

Let's be honest, the Broncos simply do not have many dynamic talents that make you stop and say, "WOW!".  Brandon Marshall has the ability, but his maturity needs to match up with his immense talent.  You look elsewhere on the offensive side of the ball, and the Broncos lack a threat that make defensive coordinators stop and take notice.  Chris Johnson can do that.  The Broncos return game has been embarrassing, a major factor the team has enjoyed the worst starting field position the past two seasons.  Chris Johnson can change that.  Let's take a look at why Chris Johnson should wear Orange and Blue come Draft Day.
Now, Guru is not wrong in CJ's ability to add explosiveness to a roster, especially one like Denver's who has maybe two difference makers at most on the entire team. However, as dynamic as CJ can be for Denver's special teams play, the simple fact of the matter is CJ does not fit Denver's offense. Denver uses a zone-blocking scheme that relies on big, physical RBs. The last scat back they used in this system was Quintin Griffith, and that didn't turn out too well. Also, with the Broncos lacking is so many other areas that taking a "scat-back" runner in Round 2 is a luxury Denver cannot afford right now.

Denver's o-line is pedestrian, at best. Their defense is awful. WR Brandon Marshall, despite all his wonderful abilities, is garbage. If Denver fans think this jack-off is the future of their WR corps, they are in for a very rude awakening. We all knew Marshall was garbage when, during the regular season game against the Colts, he openly challenged the toughness of the then-defending World Champs ("They soft! We tough!").

Marshall caught 3 passes for 23 yards and 1 garbage TD in the game. The Colts won 38-20, scoring 6 times in the final 8 possessions.

In addition, Denver's TE and starting RB situations are also in disarray. Knowing all this, to take a part time, #2 RB that can contribute on special teams here is the very definition of REEEEEEEEEAAAAAAACH.

Now, is the pick a "Ryan Leaf-like" pick? Of course not. CJ will help the Broncos, especially on special teams. But, in terms of the way Denver runs its offense, CJ is not ideally suited to run full time in Denver's system. With players like TE Dustin Keller, WR Earl Bennett, DT Pat Sims, LB Xavier Adibi, or even RB Matt Forte (who would dominate the NFL in Denver's system) Guru takes a player who is not a full time RB in their system and is, mostly, a special teams player who can be controlled by not kicking the ball to him (because, in all seriousness, there's nothing to fear from Denver's offense or defense).

I understand that grabbing a "Devon Hester-like" player is something teams are looking to get, but kindly remind me what Chicago's record was last year. If you look at the Bears now, they are (at best) a 6 win team. Why?

No consistent defense.

No consistent running game.

NO receivers.

No big play TE.

No offensive line.

Kinda sounds like Denver as well, doesn't it. I say all this because CJ is the kind of player the Colts can afford to take in Round 2. The Colts do not have many roster holes (at present), and a change-of-pace back with special teams flare is exactly what Indy could use. Denver, meanwhile, cannot afford this. The Broncos are a team that absolutely, positively MUST. MAKE. THE. PLAYOFFS. IN. 2008. And not just make the playoffs, but go far in the playoffs for Mike Shanahan to retain his job (which he should have lost a loooooooong time ago). Broncos ownership has, essentially, told Shanny this in the wake of Shanny surprisingly firing Broncos GM Ted Sunquist recently. If you are a team in full rebuilding mode, I can understand drafting CJ here.

Denver isn't in that mode. They are in panic mode.

Knowing that, drafting a player like CJ is not a move that will help you get to the playoffs and win in the playoffs in 2008, especially with so many vital holes left unfilled by quality players, and other positions manned by washed up veterans (John Lynch) or over-rated idiots (Dre Bly). It's likely though that guru made this pick as a statement: The league is scared as all hell of Indy getting Chris Johnson:

Lastly, with apologies to my friends over at Stampede Blue, the last thing the Colts need is another playmaker, at least in the eyes of the rest of the AFC. So consider this an act of "taking one for the team". You're welcome! :)
Ah yes, like Mike Shanahan, Guru is scheming and "masterminding" ways to keep the Colts from winning. Fine. Keep CJ. When pick number 59 comes up, the Colts will indeed get a playmaker. It might not be a RB, DE, or a WR, but he will be a playmaker. The draft is that deep.

There. I hope shake n bake feels better now that I have attacked and torpedoed the blogger who stole his beloved CJ from the SB Nation Mock Draft. I will now likely get chewed out by Guru, and the discussion will then fall into yet another debate over Brett Favre. I hope you are happy shake n bake.