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Updated Mock Draft: 4/16/2008

Yes, yes, yes. We are all still bitter over Guru stealing Chris Johnson from us in the SB Nation Mock Draft. So, what better way to thumb our noses at those petty Broncos fans than to update our own mock draft. After talking last night to Eric "Hank" Hartz at ColtPower, it is certainly very possible the Colts could take Dustin Keller in Round 2 if he is there. The consensus is he is very similar to Dallas Clark, and if the Colts had two big play TEs that would make Bill Belichick's head explode. Eric also think that players like CJ, Forte, and Cliff Avril are definite possibilities. The point here is the Colts will likely get a big playmaker in Round 2, and for the rest of the league that is a scary thought.

2 (59): RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina (Eat it, Guru!)
3 (93): OT John Greco, Toledo
4 (127): WR Arman Shields, Richmond
5 (161): QB Kevin O'Connell, San Diego State (Surprise!)
6 (196): DE Rudolph Hardie, Howard
6 (201): FS Corey Lynch, Appalachia State
6 (202): TE Joey Haynos, Maryland
6 (205): DE Titus Brown, Mississippi State
7 (236): CB Wilrey Fontenot, Arizona

You'll notice Rounds 2-5 are nothing but offensive players, with pick #161 going to a QB. Crazy, I know, but all these picks have a purpose. Eric and I both feel that the pass rushing depth for the Colts can be addressed in later rounds. Guys like Hardie or Brown more than fit the bill. With that in mind, finding playmakers (CJ, Shields) or potential starters in the future (Greco) makes more sense in the earlier rounds. I will have more on O'Connell, who could prove to be a very interesting prospect to develop as a back-up QB. Lynch and Fontenot are more for special teams impact; Lynch especially. I know I said the Colts would not draft a safety, but Lynch is more a special teams difference maker than a safety.