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SB Nation Mock Draft churns out more

Mock drafts are fun, especially this one. One of the great things about it is the ability for all readers to comment on picks, and get direct feedback from scouts, bloggers, readers, and even our college bloggers who watched many of these draft prospects every Saturday. I've been in a unique position because the Colts don't draft until the late 2nd Round. In a way, this has been me a perspective on the draft I haven't had in some time; it's allowed me the luxury to comment a bit more on people's picks.

We talked yesterday about TheSportsGuru's Chris Johnson pick. Despite Guru's and Styg's explanations, I still think it was a bad pick for a Denver team with a ton of holes. I personally don't view it any different than the Ted Ginn Jr. pick by Miami last year. On the flip side, many thought that Jimmy selecting Miami defensive end Calais Campbell was a bad move at pick #24, and I was one of the very few who saw that pick as right on the money. Tennessee has nothing at DE anymore, and the position is more a need than WR. To argue differently is to not know the Titans and how they win football games (hint, hint: They win with defense, not Vince Young). As shake n bake reminds us: This is a play draft, not a real one. So, when you see bloggers "arguing" over picks, understand that this is what the process is about. This is what makes it fun. I'm sure when Indy's pick comes up, people will have more than a few things to say about who shake n bake picks.

To read more about the mock draft, and see who else was picked, head over to Mocking the Draft.