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Colts Homer's Mock Draft

Via Pro-Colts Stuff:

There is nothing really to explain. The Colts have 9 picks, and here's what I think they will do with them come draft weekend. I will not give us Chris Long, Darren McFadden, Keith Rivers, etc. This will be realistic.

2nd-Chris Johnson/RB/ECU
3rd-John Greco/OT/Toledo
4th-Rudolph Hardie/DE/Howard
5th-Arman Shields/WR/Richmond
6th-Joey Haynos/TE/Maryland
6th-Titus Brown/DE/Mississippi State
6th-Kory Lichtensteiger/C/Bowling Green
7th-Bernard Morris/QB/Marshall

It's funny that another mock draft has a similar first three rounds to my most recent. I think that if Colts Homer and I had proposed such a similar mock a month ago, we'd have been laughed out of the blogosphere or berated with "Are you f*&king nuts! We need pass rushers, not a f*7king back-up RB or TE you &%$ing &#@head!" Or, something along those lines.

Now, with guys like Greco, CJ, Forte, Keller, and maybe even Early Doucet being available in Rounds 2 or 3, the need to take a player like Marcus Howard or Cliff Avril is not as pressing; especially with guys like Hardie, Brown, and Carlton Powell available in later rounds.

It is entirely possible the Colts go all offense for the first 3 or 4 picks, and then scoop up a bunch of late draft DEs and LBers. It all depends on who is there.