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More info on why McNair retired: He's too fat

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I had some people, who quite frankly don't know what they are talking about, question my assertion that Steve McNair was a lazy practice player who did not condition himself well in the off-seasons, which was a major reason why he was always hurt. Pete Prisco brought this to light last year, and recently the Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston offers an opinion on why McNair retired. It's because new coach John Harbaugh wanted him to work out more in the off-season. From AOL Fanhouse:

According to the Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston, the oft-injured 35-year-old had every intention of coming back for 2008, but new head coach and resident hard-ass John Harbaugh might've had other ideas. Indirectly, anyway:

    Harbaugh scheduled minicamps almost every other week throughout the summer. He wanted regular attendance by players during the offseason weight-lifting program. He wanted McNair to lose weight because he had ballooned to 250 pounds since the season ended.

    There is a new work ethic on the Ravens, and McNair basically said yesterday, thanks, but no thanks.

I bring this up because some people just don't get it. Football, especially PROFESSIONAL football, is about working hard all the time, not just on Sundays. Marvin Harrison has a great quote (which I'm paraphrasing here) about how Sundays are the work you'd do for free. What the NFL pays you for is all the other days. That is when you do your work.

Apparently, Steve McNair didn't agree with that philosophy, which is why Steve McNair will never sniff the Hall of Fame and Marvin Harrison will likely be a first ballot choice when he retires.

Now, does this mean McNair is a "bad guy" or a jack hole or or anything like that? No, of course not. He was a good player who was over-hyped by ignorant media. I've never had anything against him, and have often written some very favorable posts about him. He is, however, a player that never fully lived up to his potential, and a leading factor into that was his crappy work ethic. Maybe if his coaches, like Jeff Fisher, had ridden his butt a bit and DEMANDED he get in shape during the off-season, the Titans might have a few Super Bowls. This acceptance of laziness from star players has bled over into the Vince Young era, as Pete Prisco talked about last year.

Listen folks, NFL prices are very high. It costs a lot of money to watch games. Concessions are a flat out robbery, and don't get me started on parking. Knowing all this, as a fan I have absolutely no tolerance for laziness of any kind from players or coaches or anybody in professional sports. Our hard earned money pays these guys lottery money. For them to take that money and not work like madmen to become as great as possible is completely unacceptable.

I don't know if you feel the same way, but for me this is a big deal. I don't shell out X amount of dollars a year so my team's QB can show up to off-season workouts weighing 250-300 pounds.