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SB Nation Mock Draft: Who should Shake n Bake pick?

We are down to the wire folks; down to the nitty-gritty. With just three picks to go until the SB Nation Mock Draft gets to #59, players like Chris Johnson, Trevor Laws, Earl Bennett, and now John Carlson are all gone. This leaves our community rep in the mock draft, Shake n Bake, in a bit of a pickle (hehe, love that stupid phrase).

Ok, though I am not the person charged with the responsibility for making this pick (ohthankyouthankyouGod), I feel it is my duty to help Shake get gauge what the community wants. I think we all agree that if Matt Forte is still there at #59, Shake's job is easy. We all like Forte, and so do the Colts. But what about some of the other players? Click the flip to find out more.

If Forte is gone, and with GB, Miami, and Jacksonville still ahead of Indy it is possible Forte could go. If he does go, it's not the end of the world. There are still plenty of excellent players to snag, but the question is who?

For some, I've done profiles. TE Dustin Keller will likely be there, unless Jacksonville snags him in their desperate need for a TE, or GB who has jettisoned Bubba Franks. LBer Xavier Adibi out of Va Tech could be an option, but when was the last time Indy used a second round pick on a LBer? Mike Peterson in 2000?

I'm not big on guys like TE Fred Davis or TE Marcellus Bennett. The Colts look for specific traits in their TEs Davis is slooooooow and Bennett (despite being a great blocker) is a bad route runner. Neither fit what Indy likes to do.

I mentioned Early Doucet in one of Shake's FanPosts because Doucet could play slot receiver right now and he returns punts and kicks.

Shake mentioned Lawrence Jackson, but not as a DE but as a DT. Jackson is known as an under achiever who doesn't give maximum effort on every down. That sound like a Bill Polian kinda guy? He also lacks quickness which is a MUST playing Tampa 2 DT.

So really, who is left after Forte?

For my money (and again, like all of you this is just my opinion; Shake makes the pick), I would take Doucet, Keller, or just go ahead and reach for Marcus Howard out of Georgia. Why? Because Howard might be there in the third round, but he won't be there in round 4. John Greco, OT out of Toledo, will also be gone in round 4. Since we cannot trade in this mock, it makes sense to get Howard now and use the 3rd round to snag Greco.

What are your thoughts? Post comments, or use the poll.