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New Blog Design, Same Old Florio

I'm impressed with all of the new whiz-bang things here on Stampede Blue 2.0.  It's like getting that new piece of technology, and wanting to read through the manual, finding all of the cool stuff you can use.  I may use a couple here, most likely as overkill, just to try them out.

I was perusing around trying to find some Colt's related news, and found this article by Mike Florio, where he goes through the First Round of the draft, picking any player in the NFL.  As has been laid out before here and here, he really doesn't like the Colts, and especially doesn't like Manning.  It is very apparent to anyone with a pulse, that if everyone in the NFL went in for a redraft, the first two picks would be Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, in which ever order you choose (I'm obviously biased, as many of you are, for #18).  Not the wanna-be GM Florio.

He, of course, picks Brady first, for the Dolphins.  He says:

1. Miami Dolphins: Tom Brady, quarterback, Patriots. Is there any doubt about this one? Though he's now 30 years old, Brady will make any team a contender until the day he retires.

Again, no problems here if you want Brady first.  Him and Manning are 1 and 1A.  I really think he made his second choice, just fishing for someone from here to call him out for it.  His second pick:

2. St. Louis Rams: Jared Allen, defensive end, Chiefs. Allen is an absolute beast, arguably the best defensive player in the league. And he's only 26.

Now, don't get me wrong:  Jared Allen is a great player, and no doubt is a top 15 player.  But #2 overall in the NFL, when building a team from scratch?  I couldn't even begin to figure out how that makes any sense at all.  We all learned in last year's Super Bowl that Defensive Ends are very important to winning in the NFL.  However, I wouldn't say Allen is, by far, the best of the bunch at DE.  Many others are quite good, including, of course, Dwight Freeney.  I really think Florio is just pulling hairs, as this isn't even close to a reasonable pick.

Almost begrudgingly, Manning is selected third.  He says:

3. Atlanta Falcons: Peyton Manning, quarterback, Colts. The Falcons need to put a new face on the franchise. Manning gives them a whole head. And a big one at that.

You have the standard cheap shot at Manning's head, which I've done myself.  You can tell he really doesn't want to take him, but knows nobody will take his list seriously if he drops him any more.

The rest of his list is ok.  He has both Freeney and Wayne being taken in his first round, but, again, takes a cheap shot at a Colt: 

24. Tennessee Titans: Dwight Freeney, defensive end, Colts. Though a tad on the overrated side, Freeney would make a very good defense downright dominant.

A defense can be dominant with an overrated player?  I don't understand the logic.  It doesn't look like he's actually taking the best player at certain points, like with the Jets and Patriots at 6/7.  He has Marion Barber at #15, and Chad Johnson before Moss, Owens, and Wayne.  He can be our rival's GM any day, especially making some of these picks.