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SB Nation's John Morgan scores an interview with Trevor Laws

SB Nation's own John Morgan, of Field Gulls fame, scored a nice interview with Notre Dame DT Trevor Laws. Here's a bit:

JM: Watching tape I notice you frequently use a compact spin move, how did you develop that move? Can you describe any other pass rush moves you employ and in what situations they're most effective?

TL: I have been using that move on and off for the last 4 years. This year it was my go-to move. I started to develop it with my old d line coach Greg Mattison. Other moves I use are bull, jab ole, and bite and go.

JM: What are some of the challenges involved with playing both end and tackle? Did you ever feel out of place?

TL: It was a big surprise to me that I was going to have to play end in a 3/4 my final year. During the spring I definitely struggled with my new position. It is a totally different technique than playing a 1 gap. Most plays you have to just sit back and read the play, and it was tough to get used to. As the season came along I felt much more comfortable with it and ended up having a great year playin’ both end and tackle.