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SB Nation Mock Draft 2008: We got Forte

Well, it looks like the Dolphins and the Jaguars made Shake n Bake's decision easy. At pick #59, Shake made the obvious (and best) choice, Matt Forte. Here's Shake's explanation why he chose Forte:
Joseph Addai performs best in a RB tandem, he split time his whole college career and the Colts won the Super Bowl while pairing him with Dom Rhodes. Unfortunately Kenton Keith doesn't have the hands to play for the Colts as shown by the multiple dump-off that he not only couldn't catch, but several times tipped into the air, causing interceptions. A Colts RB needs to block well, catch the ball out of the backfield, not fumble and be a good runner, in that order. Three out of four isn't good enough. Especially when it's job #2 that is their weakness.

Matt Forte can do all four. He's a great blocker, so much so he can lead block for Addai in a 2 RB set in addition to his outstanding pass blocking. He wasn't a huge receiving threat, but showed good hands and route running. He never had fumble problems. As a runner his pounding style will contrast the smaller Addai. Forte is a high character guy and a tremendously hard worker. Forte's weakness is a lack of big play explosiveness, a weakness that the Colts don't mind in a RB and shared by Addai and a post knee injury Edge James. Forte gives the Colts the flexibility they lose with Utecht's departure. Without another RB, TE or WR the Colts are locked into a Marvin, Wayne, Clark, Gonzalez and Addai lineup with no depth behind them.

You can read the rest of Shake's write-up, and my take, over at Mocking the Draft. With less than four days to go to the draft, SB Nation will end its mock draft right on time with a very solid prognostication of how the draft could go. Damn fine job this year by TheSportsGuru, BrianG, and Matt Miller. They organized this thing damn near to perfection. Also, a special thanks to Shake n Bake for taking the initiative to draft for the Colts this year, and for creating a very good write-up.