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Shaun Alexander: Um, no

Our own skywalker made a FanPost (still getting used to calling them FanPosts and not diaries) about Seattle releasing Shaun Alexander and brought up the possibility of the Colts signing the former MVP.

No offense, but no way.

I can understand the impulse to snatch up a guy like Alexander. The NFL and the AP don't just hand out MVP trophies, and in 2005 he was arguably the best player in the NFL. He carried Seattle to its only Super Bowl appearance and helped energize the entire city around the team. But there is just one little problem with Alexander that makes him a big no-no for the Colts: He can't catch, doesn't pass block well, and has a reputation for doggin' it on the football field.

Now, I had people come in here and blast me for questioning the work ethic of Steve McNair and Vince Young, even though there is substantial chatter from team and league sources (as well as NFL writers) backing up the claims. Somehow, I doubt I will get the same treatment when claiming Shaun Alexander was always an over-rated wuss. Did Shaun suck? No, he was very good RB. But, like Eric Dickerson, he is very over-rated and not very respected, especially by fans. Maybe Seattle fans love him, and that's understandable. But for the rest of us, he just wasn't as good as advertised.

And I, personally, see no use for a RB on this team that can't block, catch, and won't fight for extra yards.