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Please welcome the new Patriots blogger: MaPatsFan

On the heels of the NFL reaching an agreement with former team videographer Matt Walsh (tip to metal_militia) and former Colts TE Marcus Pollard agreeing to a contract with the Patriots (tip to Colt4Life), I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome MaPatsFan, who is taking over the blogging duties at Pats Pulpit for a while.

Some of you might remember MaPatsFan. He's commented here on Stampede Blue before, and I personally have always liked his comments and posts.

I'm hopeful that with MaPatsFan now running the show there our blog can have a second chance with Pats Pulpit. I've done the best I can to build a better relationship with the fans there, but I've taken it about as far as I can. It's now up to you loyal Stampede Blue readers to do what you do with all other fans: Act respectful.

Yes, we all hate the Patriots, and if Matt Walsh's testimony proves Bill Belichick cheated for years and lied about it pretty much nullifies the three championships they won from 2001-2005. However, regardless of what happens, we should be respectful of the fans at Pats Pulpit. How would we feel if it were proven that Peyton Manning has been cheating since 1999? How would we feel if such accusations were made, and then proven false? Again, I did much to fan the flames of our bad relationship with Pats Pulpit, which is why I need to take a back seat to all of you.

Welcome MaPatsFan. We all look forward to reading your stuff, and we certainly look forward to the two teams meeting again during the regular season.