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Matt Miller gives us a B; I wanted a C

Mocking the Draft's head writer and New Era Scouting god Matt Miller gave us a "B" for drafting Matt Forte' with the 59th pick in the 2008 SB Nation Mock Draft. Here's Matt's comments:
An interesting, and surprising, pick from Indianapolis. The Kenton Keith arrest record is dangerously exciting, and the team has shown before their belief in a two-back set. The Colts have so few needs that it is hard to argue with this pick. Forte' is a good player, a productive running back with size and speed. He's a versatile player and a great locker room guy. I would have went for Jamaal Charles here, or Ray Rice, but the pick of a high character senior running back is hard to discredit.
As my title suggests, I would have preferred he gives us a "C" so I could pull out my favorite Bill Polian quote of all time:
Fine. Give us a C every year, and we'll just keep making the playoffs.
Unfortunately, Matt is a smart guy and realizes that giving us a "C" for drafting Forte' would not work. I agree though with Shake n Bake's counter to Matt's suggestion that Jamaal Charles or Ray Rice are better than Forte':
Good pass blocking is required to be a Colts RB. Edge and Addai are two of the best in that and Dom Rhodes was very good as well. The passing game is such a big part of what the Colts do that a RB can’t be a liability there, blocking or catching.

Charles isn’t a good blocker and Rice tries, but can’t overcome his size disadvantage. Forte is a great blocker on the other hand.

Rice also runs bad routes, and Charles has SERIOUS fumble problems. I don't know how you can rank a guy with fumble problems higher than Matt Forte', but I'm not a scout. The important thing is we got the guy we wanted, and if the Colts get this guy on draft day, we will all be more than happy.